Exotic Hawaiian Flowers You Have Probably Never Seen

Have you ever wanted to explore a place full of stunning and exotic flowers? Well, that is what you can expect when visiting Hawaii! From brightly colored birds of paradise to fragrant jasmine vines and multicolor orchids, many unique flowers add vibrance and beauty to the lush Hawaiian Islands. This article will introduce you to some of the rarest and most beautiful Hawaiian flowers you may not have known about. Get ready for a tour through the wild, wonderful world of exotic Hawaiian flowers!



The Koki’o is a stunning and exquisite flower found primarily in Hawaii. With vibrant, striking colors varying from crimson red to a more subtle shade of pink, these blossoms have an incredibly eye-catching appearance that can light up any living space. Besides its beauty, this flower’s symbolism and cultural significance make it unique.

The Koki’o is a beautiful Hawaiian treasure that captures the iconic style and meaningful history. Historically, locals used it for leis, or Hawaiian garlands of flowers, to show admiration for others. Various celebrations across the islands have celebrated it as a sign of protection, strength, and joy.

Hawaiian Tuberose


The Hawaiian Tuberose is a unique and beautiful flower found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Known to Hawaiians as ‘kupaloke’, this lovely native species features creamy white petals, a gorgeous yellow hue, and a pleasant, slightly-spicy scent that lingers in the air. Its leaves are deep green with sawtooth edges, adding further texture to its incredibly striking composition.

Furthermore, the Tuberose tends to bloom during the evening, emitting an even more intense aroma that fills the night air around it – a fittingly graceful touch from one of Hawaii’s most beloved flowers. This truly shows how stunning the Hawaiian Tuberose is.

Birds Of Paradise


The Birds Of Paradise is a beautiful Hawaiian flower and is the perfect addition to any tropical-themed garden. Bred by locals for generations, this stunning perennial takes its name from the brilliant plumage of a bird, boasting petals of orange, red, and yellow hues that resemble a winged creature in flight. Its unique and colorful appearance makes it an incredibly eye-catching bloom.

From its near-impossible beauty to its legendary origins deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, a single blossom from this fantastic flower brings true tropic wonderment to your outdoor space. The exotic flowers from Hawaii are also surprisingly hardy, thriving even in cooler temperatures when taken indoors during the cold winter months. Furthermore, the vibrant flowers work together with other foliage to create striking combos for those who appreciate a bit of drama.



The Nanu flower is a stunning symbol of nature’s beauty found in Hawaii. A deep, vibrant pink, the Nanu’s delicate petals draw you into its soft embrace with the inviting fragrance of a tropical afternoon. As Hawaiian legend has it, this blossom was once worn by the ancient gods and goddesses of Kauai as a crowning glory, lending an even deeper spiritual significance to modern Hawaiian culture.

The Nanu thrives in bright sunlight and gently lapping waves typical at many of Hawaii’s lush beaches, creating a picture-perfect view for any visitor. For those looking to appreciate Hawaii’s incomparable natural beauty, there’s nothing quite like the stunning Nanu flower.



The Heliconia flower is a tropical species native to Central and South America. It sports long, narrow leaves and a unique flower that begins as a spike before blooming in shades of yellow, red, and purple. Unlike many flowers, the Heliconia uses board-like bracts, not petals, to shield its tiny true flower.

These bracts can come in vivid color combinations, and their pointed shape gives them an otherworldly look when viewed close up. Hummingbirds, who use their narrow bills to pick between the crevices of the colorful bracts for tasty treats, often prefer them. They are also popular among human admirers; this flower species has become increasingly common in greenhouses worldwide since its initial discovery centuries ago.

Ma’o Hau Hele


The Ma’o Hau Hele is a vibrant, beautiful flower native to the Hawaiian Islands. Its ruffled petals are of a sunny yellow hue, and its striking orange stigma stands out against the cluster of petals. This exquisite flower is more than just an awe-inspiring sight; it also serves essential functions in the Hawaiian ecology. It provides a vital food source for honeybees and other pollinators and improves soil fertility by releasing nitrogen into the environment as part of its natural growth process.

In addition to having a great benefit to nature, the Ma’o Hau Hele is also symbolic to many people in Hawaii. The orange center represents creativity and determination, while the yellow hues represent joy and energy. For all these reasons, this flower is essential in Hawaiian culture and history; truly a magnificent symbol of life in Hawaii!

Hawaiian Hibiscus


The Hawaiian Hibiscus is genuinely a remarkable flower. Not only does it exude beauty and vibrance with its many colorful blooms, but the fragrant aroma of the Hawaiian Hibiscus also has therapeutic benefits for all who take in that sweet scent. It is even regarded as an official symbol of Hawaii, representing loyalty, faithfulness, grace, and delicate beauty.

Furthermore, the Hawaiian Hibiscus is an evergreen due to its long flowering season from May to September. Thus, it works wonderfully in outdoor arrangements or decoration and can help brighten any environment. As such, it’s easy to see why so many proudly display the Hawaiian Hibiscus for its vivid colors, delectable fragrance, and deep significance to those living in Hawaii.



The Koʻoloaʻula, commonly known as the Hawaiian lehua flower, is a sight to behold. With its bright magenta-orange colors, it’s one of Hawaii’s most captivating floral species. The vibrant petals represent Hawaiian gods and goddesses; some say that the flower opens and closes with nightfall and dawn.

Given its legend of being a symbol of hope and new beginnings, it’s no wonder why this flower is such an essential part of Hawaiian culture. Those fortunate enough to witness the beauty of the flora can experience serenity amidst its warm and inviting hues. Overall, the Koʻoloaʻula is nothing short of beautiful.

Pua Kala


The Pua Kala is a stunning flower found across the Hawaiian islands, from streamsides to fields. Each bloom is formed from six petals, graduating in color from yellow at the tip to orange at its base. Its unique color combination pairs perfectly with the islands’ sunny skies and idyllic setting, and it creates a captivating splash of color anytime it blooms – an image many people associate with Hawaii.

Indeed, any visitor to Hawaii will be familiar with the delightful sight of these beautiful orange-hued flowers gently swaying in the ocean breeze. For Hawaii natives and visitors alike, the Pua Kala is a beautiful floral symbol of contentment and joy that makes this lush land even more remarkable.

Keep An Eye Out For These Hawaiian Flowers Today!

These exquisite Hawaiian flowers have been adored and appreciated by many for centuries. Chances are you can’t help but be mesmerized by their natural beauty! From the vibrant hues of the Ma’o Hau Hele to the unmistakable colors of the Pua Kala, they all make Hawaii that much more special. So if you ever visit the islands, keep an eye out for one of these rare and exotic Hawaiian flowers.

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