Easiest Waterfalls To Access On The Big Island

Are you a budding nature enthusiast looking to explore some of the stunning waterfalls scattered throughout Hawaii’s Big Island? Whether you’re just getting your feet wet with outdoor adventures or already hooked on long hikes, there are plenty of incredible views, and great cascading falls that you can reach without too much effort. So strap in and get ready for an adventure! This article will look at some of the most accessible waterfalls on the Big Island to help narrow your search.

The Natural Wonder Of Waterfalls


Waterfalls are one of the world’s natural wonders and are truly spectacular to behold. Every waterfall is unique, with some cascading down an imposing rock face while others trickle gently between meadows and mossy trees. The sound of rushing water, the sight of its powerful beauty, and the thrill of feeling it spray your face combine to make an experience that few other natural phenomena can match.

From awe-inspiring sights such as Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls to more secluded locations such as Waipio Valley, waterfalls provide breathtaking experiences for those lucky enough to visit them. There is nothing like standing near a magnificent waterfall, watching millions of gallons of water pour over its edge.

Easiest Waterfalls To Access On The Island

If you are limited on time or have a fear of heights, there are several waterfalls that you can reach without a great deal of effort. Here are some of the easiest to access on the Big Island:

Rainbow Falls


The Big Island of Hawaii is renowned for its tropical rainforests and stunning waterfalls, with Rainbow Falls being one of the most prominent. Standing at 80 feet high, the highlights of the view are when sunlight passes through the mist created by the falling water – producing a beautiful rainbow. With its accessible location in the lush Hilo area, it’s easy to take time to marvel at this incredible sight.

People come from around the world to witness this glorious display and bask in its beauty. It’s not only easy to get to this wondrous waterfall as you’re just a short drive from downtown Hilo, but it’s also free – so make sure you add it to your Big Island vacation list should you find yourself there!

Akaka Falls


Akaka Falls is the perfect destination for anyone looking to take in the beauty of nature without a challenging hike. Standing at an impressive 422 feet tall, Akaka Falls makes an awe-inspiring impression from several hundred yards away. Seeing and taking pictures of these falls is easy since there are several well-maintained trails near the falls that provide easily accessible overlooks.

Additional short hikes and ancient Hawaiian sites in the same area will add to your experience. Enjoy breathtaking views of this dramatic cascade for yourself, but be sure to practice caution and observe signs for safe passage onsite!

Umauma Falls


Umauma Falls is one of the most eye-catching waterfalls on the island. Located just a short drive from Hakalua, it is extremely easy to access, with a paved road taking you right to it. The scenic view of the falls plunging 36 meters and surrounded by lush vegetation will take your breath away! Not only that, but you can participate in an array of experiences.

From breathtaking zip lines to swimming at the edge of the rocky limestone pool, there is something for everyone here. And with a great deal of caution and supervision, children can participate in the adventure.

Kamaeʻe Falls


Kamae’e Falls is one of the most unique waterfalls you will ever see. Unlike others powered by rain runoff, Kamae’e derives its flow from an underground lava tube that drains water that has slowly percolated through Mauna Kea’s volcanic soils for years. This means that, unlike other waterfalls, Kamae’e has a reliable stream of clean, clear waters even during dry months, though it will increase substantially with heavy rains.

Located down an access road from the Botanical World Garden’s main entrance, access to this magical spot is straightforward. Take a short stroll and be rewarded with an awe-inspiring view of a waterfall plunging 100 feet down a sheer cliff covered in ferns and greenery into a pristine pond.

Kahuna Falls


Situated amid lush and exotic vegetation, this secluded waterfall is the perfect spot for swimming or taking in its breathtaking views. Accessed by a less than a half-mile hike through most paved nature trails, visitors can quickly and easily get to the hidden gem without having to traverse long distances. In addition to its eye-catching scenery, Kahuna Falls boasts incredibly clear blue waters that exude tranquility.

For those seeking an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking Hawaiian landscapes, Kahuna Falls offers a spectacular destination that you won’t forget. Be sure to practice caution and observe all safety signs when hiking to and around the falls.

Nānue Falls


Nānue Falls is an unmissable gem of nature. The powerful 80-foot waterfall creates an awe-inspiring spectacle with its cascading water roaring in action and a mist of rainbows hanging in the air. Accessing this magnificent sight is easy – with a bridge crossing the stream, viewing platforms, and a gravel path leading up to the base of the falls.

The trail down to the waterfall isn’t as easy as others on this list, but with fantastic viewing areas along the way, it’s well worth it. Those who make the trek will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of this powerful waterfall and its environment and incredible photo opportunities!

Wai’ale Falls


If you are already going to visit Rainbow Falls, you can’t miss out on nearby Wai’ale Falls. The falls are tucked away in a lush rainforest and cascade down an impressive 40 feet over moss-covered rocks creating a unique view of nature. Like Nanue Falls, pull off the road to take in this natural wonder. While you shouldn’t walk down to it regarding safety recommendations, it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the grandeur of this hidden gem. 

There are many safe spots nearby where you can take in its beauty and clear signage to ensure your safety. So don’t forget to admire Wai’ale Falls and its spectacular views when planning your next Hawaiian adventure!

Take A Tour Of The Easiest Waterfalls To Access On The Big Island!

These are just a few of the majestic waterfalls you can find in Hawaii. With its incredible variety of landscapes and flora, there’s no shortage of spots to explore – each more unique than the last. And with all the options being some of the most accessible waterfalls, there is no excuse not to explore! So don’t forget to take some time out of your trip to get off the beaten path and explore these unforgettable natural wonders.

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