Scary Creatures To Look Out For In Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii, you think of the gorgeous beaches and palm trees. What you don’t think about is some of its scary sea creatures. Some of these can be dangerous and their venom can cause excruciating pain. To make it easy for you, we have made a list of 9 of the top scary creatures to look out for in Hawaii.

1. Cone Snails

They may seem pretty and harmless but don’t be fooled. Cone snails are one of the most dangerous sea animals in Hawaii. Their venom is extremely poisonous to humans. There are many of these species in Hawaii, 34 to be precise, however, not all are venomous. Three of these 34 varieties are harmful to humans, namely the Textile, Striated, and Banded Marble cone snails; they are strong enough to kill humans so you may want to stay clear of them. Since they all look similar it can be difficult to tell them apart which is why you should avoid them all.

2. Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish is one of the most deadly animals that you’ll find in Hawaii. They are also popularly referred to as sea wasps and marine stingers. You can recognize them from their cube-shaped bodies. They’re mostly found in the Southern Hemispheres Pacific Ocean. These creatures can grow up to 10 feet in length and their venom is extremely dangerous for humans. They contain toxins that can affect the heart, the nervous system and so much more. It can even cause heart failure. While lifeguards on the beaches are extremely vigilant of them in the water, you should keep a lookout too.

3. Centipedes

Centipedes are common in Hawaii. There are three types that are popularly found, two of which are harmless while one can be quite dangerous. This one is known as the giant centipede and has a few other names that it’s referred to as such as the Jungle, Vietnamese and Chinese Red-Headed Centipede. It is a nasty creature that loves to eat every living thing that it can find. If provoked it will react instantly. Its aggressive nature doesn’t hold it back from attacking humans. What’s even scarier is that once it bites humans it continues to cling on to the skin and continue biting. It is extremely painful and can even cause swelling.

4. Venomous Sea Urchins

Indigenously known as ‘wana’, these long-spine venomous sea urchins are a real danger so you need to make sure to stay away from them. Don’t be fooled by their size, although they are small they are feisty. These creatures lurch onto rocks, corals and other surfaces, which often causes people to step on them. The venom that they give off can be extremely painful. To save yourself from them you can wear sea shoes and be vigilant while going near corals etc. Their spines in particular are the ones that are most dangerous because if they break off and come into the body they can be very hard to remove. The wounds can also be easily infected so that’s something you’ll have to be careful about too.

5. Tiger Shark

From the name itself you can probably guess that this is a scary creature that you should beware of. The tiger shark is among the most dangerous sea creatures in Hawaii. You can recognize them from their tiger-like stripes. These sharks have a great sense of sight and smell and are major predators. Not only do they bite humans but they go the whole way and eat them up. This is why you need to be extra careful of them.

6. Sea Snake

The yellow-bellied sea snake is another creature that you need to keep a lookout for. It is a highly venomous creature that you can find in the waters of Hawaii as it prefers to be in the water as opposed to land. You will usually find them in massive groups of thousands, which makes it a lot easier to spot them. Its venom is extremely dangerous for humans if bitten so you should keep a lookout for them.

7. Black Widow Spider

This spider is one that’s most feared in Hawaii. The story behind them is quite an interesting one; on their wedding night, the female kills the male after mating. The venom from this species of spiders is extremely strong and can cause multiple problems such as muscle pain, muscle rigidity, abdominal cramps and an elevated heart rate. In some instances, the bite can also be fatal so it’s best that you stay far away from these spiders.

8. Moray Eel

The Moray Eel is another one of those scary creatures that you need to look out for in Hawaii. The seawater here is full of them. You can find them along the seabed, in holes and underneath rocks. These scary sea creatures have super sharp teeth and protruding eyes, which makes them even more frightening. The wound you get from these eels can be excruciating. They are most active during the night so that’s when you should be the most careful. If you enter their space they can become extremely aggressive so if you do find one then keep your space from them.

9. Crown Of Thorns Starfish

One of the biggest starfish in the world, this one is found in Hawaii and can be harmful. It is said to have twenty arms and if you come into contact with it then you’re in trouble. If you touch one or step on one by mistake it can be extremely painful and cause nausea, vomiting, bleeding, and swelling. Sometimes, the symptoms can even last up to a week so you should stay away from them to protect yourself.


You should be super cautious about these 9 scary sea creatures because it won’t be a pretty sight if you do come into contact with them. Be vigilant and take your precautions and in case you do spot them then stay far away!

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