Fun Excursions To Do In Kona

Kona is one of the most popular and fun districts in Hawaii that offers a variety of activities to cater to your needs. It is one of those areas that you can visit alone, or with your friends and family and there will be something for everyone. Whether it’s snorkeling, swimming under a waterfall, exploring history or educating yourself on how coffee is made, there’s so much for you to do here! To make it easy for you we have made a list of the top 7 fun excursions in Kona.

1. Dolphin Reef & Captain Cook Snorkel Adventure

How tempting does this sound? The Dolphin Reef & Captain Cook Snorkel Adventure is a one-hour excursion in which you can get up close with the gorgeous marine life of Kona. This underwater experience is one that will stay with you forever. To begin this cruise tour you start off at Kealakekua Bay and keep going, looking at historical sites along the way. Once you reach the snorkel location you can explore it for an hour and see so much beauty from turtles to corals. This super fun excursion provides you with lunch as well!

2. Historic Kona

If you are a history lover then you’ll especially love this one. It is a one of a kind excursion in Kona that will take you back in time and show you some of the most stunning historical places. It will take you to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park, which is where you can get an insight into the past of Hawaii. It is an ancient village with temples that will tell you stories of the old days. This national park is great for those who are seeking a sanctuary, a place of peace and quiet. A lot of wildlife has inhabited the park and made it their home making it even more worthwhile to see.

Other than the park, you can also have a look at Kealakekua Bay, which has the most scenic view and the spot where the most popular Captain Cook stands. It is this destination that he sailed to when he was discovering Hawaii. The painted church is another one of those monuments on this excursion. This beautiful church is also popularly referred to as the “Jewel of South Kona”. It doesn’t just end there, it also takes you to the Kona Coffee Factory where you can try a bunch of delicious coffee’s. Overall this tour will give you a holistic experience of Kona so you should definitely try it out!

3. Kanaloa Octopus Farm

We bet you’ve never been to an octopus farm before, have you? It’s something to see that is educational and will teach you so much about octopus and squid. This farm is situated right on the beach, which makes it the ideal location. If you want to know more about it and how it works then you should definitely book a tour as they will give you information about the entire process. It will also give you a chance to feed and interact with the octopus. You can easily book online so you don’t have to worry about the hassle!

4. Kona Coast Adventure

If you want a mix of everything, the history, nature and everything else Kona has to offer, then this excursion is for you! It is full of fun and excitement and will blow your mind with the exotic locations it takes you to. Expose yourself to gorgeous white sand beaches, national parks and top coffee spots. It has something for everyone so it’s especially perfect if you’re doing it with a group of people so it can cater to everyone’s interests.

5. Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions

For all the adventure lovers out there, this one’s for you. This raft expedition will give you a thrill. Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions has been operational for the past 40 years so you know that they are completely reliable. Here you can explore the stunning coastline and marine life of the island. The best part is that you can pick your tour so it can be for however long you want it to be. Its tours are mostly between 3-5 hours and here you will get to do a bunch of stuff from snorkeling and whale watching to swimming with dolphins.

6. Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

If you’re more of a hiker as opposed to a swimmer then you would love this excursion. It is for a total of eight hours and will take you to some of the most scenic locations that you have ever set foot on. After some off-roading it will take you to an easy hike through a cordoned nature reserve. Here, your guide will provide you with all the information on it and all about its history and culture too. To top it all, after that you get to swim under the mesmerizing waterfalls. It doesn’t just end there! After your swim, you will eat your lunch at a scenic picnic spot. If you like you can even explore Hawi town after.

7. Kona Joe Coffee Tours

This is for all the die-hard coffee fans out there! This excursion will provide you with a deep insight into how the coffee is made and processed. There are different ways in which you can participate in this excursion. You can give yourself a tour or then join one of the hourly tours that are fully guided. It will provide you with information from start to end on how your coffee is made. You even get to sample it at the end. It is a unique experience that will blow your mind.


Each of these 7 excursions is nothing but fun and inspiring. They will give you a deep insight into the life of Kona and its amazing history. Each of them is unique and covers a wide range of interests so you can take your pick and choose one that you think you’ll enjoy the most!

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