The Best Helicopter Tours On The Big Island

If you’re searching for an unforgettable way to explore the Big Island of Hawaii – look no further than one of the many helicopter tours available! From breathtaking aerial views of majestic waterfalls, towering volcanoes, and lush rainforests to guided beaches and historical landmarks, a once-in-a-lifetime exploration experience awaits those who take the ultimate plunge. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to sift through all the offers on the market. 

But don’t worry; this article covers some of the best helicopter tours on the Big Island. Let it take your vacation up today with a complete guide into what makes these fantastic companies stand apart from other operators in this magical corner of paradise!

The Beauty Of Big Island’s Helicopter Tours

Taking in the majestic sights of Hawaii from a helicopter tour is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From Big Island’s diverse landscapes, which range from lush rainforests to barren volcanic deserts to its crystal blue coastline, something is awe-inspiring to admire everywhere you look. If you want to take advantage of this magical island’s natural beauty, booking a single or double-hour flight with one of the many tour helicopters available on the Big Island is sure to be an incredible journey.

You’ll marvel at the fantastic ocean, mountain views, and other breathtaking experiences, such as lava flows, stunning waterfalls, and even dolphins and whales! Whether you’re an adventure-seeking traveler or want to relax and appreciate nature, a helicopter tour offers experiences and memories that will last forever.

The Best Helicopter Tours On The Big Island

It’s no secret that there are some simply incredible helicopter tours on the Big Island. But with so many temptations by the sea, it can be difficult to choose! Below are some of the best helicopter tours on the Big Island that are worth your time.

Hilo Lava And Rainforests Helicopter Tour

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A helicopter tour of Hawaii’s Big Island is an educational and eye-opening experience with its stunning landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, volcano views, and more. The Hilo Lava and Rainforests Helicopter Tour provide a comprehensive journey over Hawaii Island’s culturally and historically significant landscape, with incredible vistas around every corner.

With an experienced pilot at the helm, this tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience nature’s beauty from the air like never before. Visit Akaka Falls, trek through lush rainforests to explore bubbling lava pools, witness wonderful waves crashing onto sea cliffs, and more. Soar above it all to experience Hawaii as it should be.

Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour

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Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tours offer visitors to the Big Island an opportunity to experience the area’s majestic beauty from above. With their state-of-the-art Bell 407 helicopters, guests get a bird’s eye view of breathtaking sunsets, remote waterfalls, and stunning views of Hawaiʻi Island’s lush cliffs, historic landmarks, and local flora and fauna.

This incredible journey provides passengers with an unforgettable adventure that they won’t soon forget! From up in the air, future explorers can soak up awe-inspiring landscapes at both higher altitudes and lower angles than what is possible on roads. Their experienced pilots provide an informative tour with helpful insight into the island’s natural wonders.

Volcano Kohala Landing Tour

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The Big Island of Hawaii is an incredibly unique and breathtaking part of the world. A great way to experience the beauty and grandeur of this spectacular island is by booking a helicopter tour. One of the most exciting rides available is the Volcano Kohala Landing Tour, offering an incomparable view of Hawaii’s active and volcanically-ridden landscape from above. Though it may seem intimidating at first, guests can rest assured knowing that their flight will be peaceful and secure, with professional pilots handling every aspect of the ride.

After amazing views of the remarkable rainforest, lava fields, and picturesque waterfalls throughout your journey, you will arrive at Mauna Kea Summit for an optional short hike to take in its full splendor. This one-of-a-kind tour provides ample opportunities for a memorable experience on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Hawaii Circle Of Fire Helicopter Tour

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The Big Island of Hawaii is home to the incredible Circle Of Fire Helicopter Tour. This tour takes you around the entire island, providing spectacular and unparalleled aerial views of famous volcanoes, lush coastlines, and breathtaking valleys. Be ready to be transfixed by Mother Nature’s marvels as your experienced guide offers insight into Hawaii’s beautiful landscape’s geology, history, and ecology! An unforgettable experience awaits with beautiful tropical waterfalls, pristine beaches, untouched native rain forests, and more.

Zoom over expansive lava flows and vibrant oceans while being captivated by fantastic photo opportunities that only arise from being in a helicopter above the island. Take to the skies on a tremendous journey that will offer experiences like never before, getting an up-close look at all the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer.

Experience Hawaii Tour

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Experience Hawaii Tour offers some of the best helicopter tours on the Big Island. From their base of operations at Hilo Airport, they will take you over volcanoes, waterfalls, and other exotic tropical locations in your very own private charter helicopter. Their exclusive tour package ensures a memorable experience, with flight paths that soar above areas inaccessible to many travelers.

In addition to the fantastic sights you’ll witness, you can learn more about Hawaiian culture and history in the air with one of their expertly-trained pilots! Experience Hawaii Tours provides an extraordinary opportunity for those seeking an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Hawaii.

Big Island Volcano Deluxe

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The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the most unique and awe-inspiring islands in the world. For those looking to experience it from a different perspective, there’s no better option than the Big Island Volcano Deluxe helicopter tour. This guided sightseeing tour provides an unforgettable view of one of the greatest natural wonders: Kilauea Caldera, with its bubbling lava flows and otherworldly landscapes. Guests also get to explore some of the Big Island’s most iconic attractions, such as Waimea Canyon, commonly referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano.

Not only will you get to see mesmerizing vistas, but with knowledgeable guides on board providing insightful commentary, this tour offers plenty of experiences and education. As long as weather permits, there’s no doubt that taking this helicopter tour will be money well spent for any adventure seeker looking for a deeper exploration into what makes Hawaii so unique!

So, Will You Go On One Of These Amazing Helicopter Tours?

In conclusion, many amazing helicopter tours are available on the Big Island of Hawaii, including the Circle Of Fire Helicopter Tour, Experience Hawaii Tour, and Big Island Volcano Deluxe. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable adventure with unparalleled aerial views or want to learn more about Hawaiian culture and history, these incredible helicopter tours guarantee an experience unlike any other. Which tour will you choose?

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