6 Hidden Gems In Puna You Didn’t Know About

Welcome to the beautiful region of Puna, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. While Puna is known for its stunning natural beauty and tourist attractions, there are also many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. This article will take you off the beaten path and introduce you to six hidden gems in Puna that you may not have known about. From secluded beaches to breathtaking hikes, these hidden gems offer a unique and unforgettable experience for those who seek to explore the less-traveled corners of this beautiful island. So pack your bags, put on your hiking shoes, and get ready to discover the hidden treasures of Puna.

The Rich History Of Puna


Puna, a district on the Island of Hawaii, boasts a long and fascinating history that reflects its unique geography and cultural heritage. Formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions, Puna has evolved to accommodate numerous diverse cultures across the Pacific Ocean. This diversity has helped shape the many incredible aspects of Puna’s history.

From ancient Hawaiian temples to sacred sites for worship to historic battlefields, few places in Hawaii can offer such a wealth of culture, not to mention the abundance of technological innovations that have come out of the area in recent decades, such as geothermal energy, aquaculture, and more. Much like the lava flows, Puna’s history continues to evolve as you explore and discover more about it daily.

Hidden Gems In Puna You Didn’t Know About

It’s no secret that Puna offers abundant natural beauty, but there are also a wealth of hidden gems that many visitors to Hawaii miss out on. Below are a few of the amazing sights and experiences you can find in Puna:

Kehena Beach


Kehena Beach is a secluded black sand beach known for its clothing-optional policy. This unique feature draws in many visitors looking for a unique experience. Despite its small size, Kehena Beach offers beautiful scenery and calm waters perfect for swimming and relaxing. The beach is located near Pahoa and can be accessed via a short hike.

While Kehena Beach may not be for everyone due to its clothing-optional policy, it is a must-visit spot for those looking for something different. The beach’s remote location and serene atmosphere make it an ideal destination for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy some quiet time. Whether you wear clothes or not, Kehena Beach will leave a lasting impression.

Wai Opae Tidepools


If you time your visit to Hawaii’s Puna District just right, a hidden gem awaits the beauty of Wai Opae Tidepools. Though it may lack the luster of more popular attractions nearby, a trip to this little-known marine life sanctuary will amaze you. The tidepools host an abundance of colorful coral and fish, not to mention an incredible variety of plants and sponges displaying their mesmerizing hues. Lined with stone walls known as Pohaku Ku’i o Pele, the area brings an added mystique. Some advice? Get there early to catch the sunrise – a reward worth remembering!

Pohoiki Black Sand Beach


Pohoiki Black Sand Beach in Puna, Hawaiʻi, is an often overlooked but remarkable spot. It features a stunningly beautiful black sand beach flanked by sea cliffs and looks less like the tropical paradise of Hawaii than another planet entirely. Getting to this hidden gem isn’t always easy as it requires trekking across a field of hardened lava towards the coastline; however, with patience and determination comes great reward.

Once you arrive, you will be treated to views of black pebbles compressed by the waves into smooth stones while surrounded by a rich diversity of wildlife, from large honu turtles to colorful endemic birds. Even if you’re no longer planning your next visit to Pohoiki Black Sand Beach, take comfort that it exists for others to explore and appreciate.

Ahalanui Hot Pond


Ahalanui Hot Pond, nestled along the east coast of Hawaii Island in Puna, is a hidden gem many visitors don’t know about. This unique hot spring, also known as “The Warm Pond,” is fed by heated underground lava tubes from the nearby Kīlauea volcano and boasts a wonderful 90-degree temperature all year round! Visitors to Ahalanui can enjoy a relaxing swim in its warm pool, which has been popular with local families for decades.

A visit to Ahalanui Hot Pond will surely leave you in awe of its remarkable beauty and feel rejuvenated! The scenery around the pond is also stunning; it’s surrounded by lush, tropical foliage and many natural rock formations. Its beauty has made it an inspirational escape for photographers, painters, and spiritual healers looking to connect with nature’s energy.

Lava Tree State Monument


The Puna region of Hawaii is full of hidden gems, especially the Lava Tree State Monument. This unique park allows visitors to witness firsthand the rare result of a lava flow from Kilauea steadily running across old trees in the forest. The majestic lava formations spanning up to twenty feet high are breathtaking and even more impressive, considering they resulted from 1790s lava flows. A walkway guides visitors through these remarkable lava formations and allows them to learn more about the native plant life in the area.

While visiting this park, there’s also a great chance to spot some wildlife like deer, wild boar, and various types of birds. The Lava Tree State Monument is surrounded by lush rainforest, making it even more special; a true hidden gem worth exploring if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience while visiting Puna!

Kapoho Tidepools


While Puna is filled with exciting activities and breathtaking sights, the Kapoho Tidepools are one of its hidden gems. Located on the eastern side of the Big Island, Kapoho offers visitors an up-close view of marine life typical to Hawaiian waters – everything from spinner dolphins and sea turtles to tropical fish. The tidepools dotting the coastline of the remote bay serve as a safe refuge for these wonderful creatures while allowing tourists to observe them in their natural habitat.

The clear, shallow pools allow a more knowledgeable eye to spot submerged moray eels or octopi at low tide. Whether swimming out among the tidepools or just taking in their beauty from shore, experiencing this unique place is sure to be memorable and educational.

Did You Know About These Hidden Gems In Puna?

In conclusion, Puna is a district with hidden gems to explore. From secluded beaches to natural hot springs, there is something for everyone in Puna. Whether looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Puna is the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. So why not pack your bags and head to Puna to discover these hidden gems yourself?

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