8 Must-Do Things In And Around Kona

Kona is a paradise not just for those rest-and-relax days, but also one to explore and experience new things. There’s so much fun packed in this mesmerizing town! Get your beach towels ready and come explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in Hawaii! In this must-do guide to Kona you will learn about the best places to visit and experiences that you can’t miss out on. Keep reading for more information!

Visit Pololu Valley In Kona


Pololu Valley is an incredible place to visit; it’s located on Hawaii’s Big Island and features a stunning 400-foot black sand beach as well as miles of lush, green cliffs. The hike down is relatively easy and takes you right onto the beach, where you can explore the tide pools or take a dip in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Adventurous explorers will enjoy the challenging cliff trail leading to spectacular views of the sea and valley below. With its pristine landscapes, Pololu Valley offers a unique Hawaiian experience for those looking for adventure or relaxation. Whether you choose to spend an hour or a weekend here, this hidden gem has something for everyone to discover.

Take A Helicopter Ride Over The Big Island


Visiting the Big Island can be a truly remarkable experience. For vacationers who want to see it from above, taking a helicopter ride is an unforgettable way to explore this paradise. Not only will you experience stunning views of the island’s diverse topography below, you also may get close enough to spot bursting waterfalls and some brown tropical tabby monkeys!

During your tour, you’ll take off in a comfortable, air-conditioned helicopter and fly over dazzling coastlines with white sandy beaches and glistening waters that make this area so special. The tour culminates at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you’ll observe active volcanoes spewing smoke into the sky while taking in majestic views of the surrounding rainforest. A helicopter ride on the Big Island promises to be both an exciting adventure and a memory of paradise that lasts forever!

Go Swimming At Manini’owali Beach


Manini’owali Beach is the perfect place for a day of swimming in Kona. Whether you’re looking for a nice and leisurely swim or want to get up to some more extreme aquatic fun, Manini’owali Beach is the ideal spot. Known for its crystal clear waters, it provides an unrivaled experience with its calm and gentle waves that are great for beginners.

Experienced swimmers can also enjoy the wide variety of fish below the surface while snorkeling around. With its breathtaking view, this beach offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. Stop by Manini’owali Beach today and make some amazing memories as you dive into your next big adventure!

Visit The Kona Coffee Living History Farm


If you’re looking for a unique and immersive experience, a visit to the Kona Coffee Living History Farm is perfect. Located in Captain Cook, Hawaii, this farm offers a true glimpse into the area’s coffee-growing history. Established more than 200 years ago, the farm features heritage coffee trees and classic early 20th century architecture that has been preserved to showcase the intricate farming techniques of the time.

You’ll also get an up close and personal look at the roasting and grinding process as well as learn about different varieties of coffee from experts. From harvesting beans on a real working farm to tasting some of the most flavorful Kona coffee around, a stroll through this living museum will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Go Whale Watching In Kona


Off the coast of Kona are unique island sanctuaries home to many majestic humpback whales. During the winter months, these gentle giants migrate to this area and can be seen breaching, singing and frolicking in the warm waters.

A trip to Kona to go whale watching is a must for anyone who wants an unforgettable experience with some of nature’s most majestic creatures. Every second spent on a boat out on the open water can bring about new discoveries about these beautiful creatures. Let loose and take time out of your day to watch these huge whales transcend above the waves as you talk a journey from ordinary to extraordinary!

Go Shopping At Ali’i Drive In Kona


For the ultimate shopping experience, Ali’i Drive on the Big Island is the place to be. With its wide array of shops and restaurants, it has something for everyone! Whether you need a new dress for your next night out or just want to browse for a special gift for someone, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for thanks to the abundance of shops ranging from local boutiques and surf shops to bigger name stores.

Plus, there are plenty of delicious eateries that will make your visit even more enjoyable. From casual beachside cafes serving up island-inspired treats and cuisine to upscale happy hour destinations with stunning views of Kona’s coastline, Ali’i Drive can satisfy any craving. So come join in on the fun – it’s time to go shopping at Ali’i Drive!

Visit Mauna Kea Summit


From the summit of Mauna Kea, you can experience an awe-inspiring view of Hawai’i Island. At over 4200 metres above sea level, it is the highest point in the state and offers a unique perspective on the world around you. Like looking through a portal to the stars, visiting Mauna Kea Summit will transport you to another realm entirely.

The sky is unpolluted by city lights, giving way for some of the clearest night-time stargazing in all of Hawai’i. With its optimal altitude and atmospheric conditions, this summit is home to 13 telescopes operated by astronomers from around the world; it has even been named one of the best places on Earth for observing distant celestial objects. Nowhere else offers quite such a rewarding experience as standing at Mauna Kea Summit.

Explore Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park offers a wealth of activities and sites to explore, from the rocky crescents of its coastlines to the rolling hills of its interiors. It’s a great place for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and more. Visitors also will find ruins of ancient Hawaiian villages and fish ponds, giving them insight into the traditional lifestyle of Hawai ʻ i’s native population.

Furthermore, colorful flora, fauna and sea life abound in this park. Wildlife-watching opportunities are plentiful here – watch out for migrating humpback whales during the winter months! There’s something special to be found at every turn within Kaloko–Honokōhau National Historical Park.

Get Exploring Kona Now!

With so much to do in and around Kona, you’ll never be bored. Whether you’re looking for a unique shopping experience or an afternoon of stargazing, there’s something here for everyone! Don’t delay – start planning your Kona visit today and get ready for an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure. Find a hotel here.

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