Exploring Eco Tours On The Big Island

For those looking to explore the wonders of nature in a unique, educational, and eco-friendly way, eco-tours on Hawaii’s Big Island are sure to be an unforgettable experience. The diverse landscape offers visitors a range of activities for all ages and levels of physical fitness, from brisk hikes through colorful rainforests to tranquil horseback rides along beaches. With plenty of knowledgeable guides available throughout the island who are passionate about protecting its natural beauty, this exciting activity can turn an ordinary vacation into something extraordinary. Hop aboard and discover why taking part in an eco-tour on the Big Island is such a special adventure!

What Is An Eco-Tour Exactly?

Eco Tours

An eco-tour is a unique way for travelers to explore the natural beauty of their destination in an environmentally friendly manner. It usually involves participating in a mutually beneficial activity with the community, such as supporting local merchants or helping with a restoration project. Eco-tours also focus on low-impact activities that work to preserve the environment, such as bird watching, kayaking, and snorkeling.

The main goal of an eco-tour is to minimize environmental impact while showing travelers how they can help conserve the alluring nature showcased during their time away. Eco-tourism allows you to explore places that are incredibly beautiful and teach those who wish to visit them about ways they can protect and appreciate these delicate landscapes.

Unique Eco-Tours On The Big Island

After learning more about the eco-tourism movement, visitors can decide to embark on their journey and experience Hawaii’s Big Island in an environmentally conscious manner. Several exciting activities can be undertaken during an eco-tour, including:

Volcano Unveiled Tour In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Eco Tours

Get an up-close and personal look at Hawaii’s incredible volcanic power with the Volcano Unveiled Tour. This full-day excursion lets you witness iconic features like the jagged Saddle Road and learn about the area’s seismic history. Whether learning about the Big Island’s culture in Kauhi Cave or admiring sumptuous views from Volcanoes National Park, this tour offers travelers many unique opportunities to explore.

Embark on this fully detailed tour for an educational experience like no other in Hawaii. Of course, no trip would be complete without lunch and snacks! A complimentary lunch and local appetizers provided at “happy hour” provide a welcome respite to a day of sightseeing.

Atlantis Submarine Kona

Eco Tours

Embark on a journey of underwater discovery with Atlas Submarine Kona. This intrepid outing will take you on an exhilarating dive beneath the rippling seas, where vibrant corals and schools of fish await your appreciation. Peer through the portholes for up-close views of sea life in this unique environment and soak up the tranquility that only ocean depths can bring.

You may even spot graceful manta rays or, if you’re lucky, a majestic hammerhead shark passing by – a sight sure to stay with you forever. A tour like no other, an exploration with Atlantis Submarine Kona, will leave you spellbound.

Hawaiian Legacy Tours

Eco Tours

Those who want to experience Hawaii firsthand can book a trip with Hawaiian Legacy Tours. Customized for each guest, the trips provide an in-depth look at the island’s rich history and flora, specifically focusing on Koa. While this coveted wood only grows in Hawaii and has been widely deforested over time, the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative is working diligently to bring it back.

Visitors are invited to participate in these efforts by planting trees and tracking their growth through a geo-tagging system. Not to mention, they also get a breathtaking view of Mauna kea while they’re at it! So, not only do you help contribute to a wonderful cause, but you also get to take in the beauty of the Big Island.

Hawaii Forest & Trail

Eco Tours

Hawaii Forest and Trail offers an exciting look into the often-forgotten canopies of Hawaii’s islands, offering a chance to spot some amazing endangered species. On the Rainforest and Dryforest Birding Adventure, the bravest participants can glimpse an endangered endemic Palila, only found in an area smaller than 25 square miles on the semi-arid slopes of Mauna Kea volcano.

In addition to searching for this beautiful gold-and-gray honeycreeper, they will explore a lush forest on the Mauna Loa volcano where another endangered species, the Akiapolaau, hides. The tour also allows sightseers to spot other local birds like amakihi, elepaio, and apapane, which inhabit both of these habitats. It’s an amazing journey that no Hawaiian explorer should miss out on!

Twilight Volcano and Stargazing Adventure

Eco Tours

Take a spectacular journey around the Big Island of Hawaii with a Twilight Volcano and Stargazing Adventure. Experience this island’s wonders, including a Kona coffee farm tour, scanning the horizon at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach for sea turtles, visiting fascinating natural wonders in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and observing the stars and galaxies under the night sky.

With a professional guide to lead your adventure, you can learn about more than just the Kilauea volcano – you will gain invaluable insight and knowledge about the Hawaiian Islands. It is an eco-friendly experience that will fill you with wonder and amazement!

Horseback Ride On The Scenic Hamakua Coast

Eco Tours

Experience the striking beauty of Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast on a relaxing horseback ride. Explore rolling grasslands, wooded trails leading to oceanfront views, and flourishing fruit groves while guided by local experts. Learn about the area’s rich cultural heritage through stories told throughout the tour, then refresh with some tasty treats after it’s all done.

Moreover, no prior horseback riding experience is necessary, and this family-friendly adventure promises an unforgettable journey for those aged seven and above. Enjoy beautiful vistas and make lasting memories on the scenic horseback ride along the historic ditch of Hamakua.

Hidden Crater Hike

Eco Tours

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure packed with natural wonders, the Hidden Crater Hike is just the thing! Experience one of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets from a breathtaking view of the Kona coast far below to stand on the edge of ancient precipitous volcanic craters and fissures.

While hiking through 3-4 miles of native and untouched cloud forest, you’ll also get to climb through an old lava tube segment and witness spectacular volcanic landscapes that rival those found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – all while staying close to Kona! This tour will surely be one you’ll never forget and will surely be the highlight of your Hawaiian experience.

Enjoy Nature With These Eco-Tours On The Big Island!

If you want to experience Hawaii’s wonders, you can do so in many different ways. Whether it’s helping the local ecosystem by planting trees with the Kohala Center or spotting rare birds with Hawaii Forest and Trail – there are a variety of eco-tours on the big island available for visitors who want to explore the island’s natural beauty while also contributing something meaningful. From horseback riding along the Hamakua coast to a twilight volcano and stargazing tour, check out these amazing experiences on your next Hawaiian adventure!

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