Creepy Crawlers To Beware In Hawaii

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Hawaii? Is it pristine beaches and relaxing days sipping on tropical drinks in the warm sunshine? Or perhaps surfing or whale watching are your go-to images of this beloved state. But there’s another side to Hawaii, one filled with big centipedes and tarantulas lurking around every corner, leaving many travelers wary of what they can expect to find. If you plan on visiting Hawaii, it’s essential to be aware of the creepy crawlers that inhabit the islands – and some may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about creepy crawlers to beware of in Hawaii.

Creepy Crawlers To Beware In Hawaii

Cane Spiders


The Cane Spider is a species of large spider native to Hawaii and can be incredibly intimidating due to its size. In addition, the Creepy Crawler To Beware looks like two spiders fused with its two front legs angled forward, forming an almost humanoid stance. Bites from this spider are generally not dangerous, but it’s still highly necessary to exercise caution in areas they are known to inhabit.

The Cane Spider lives in urban and rural areas such as gardens, sand dunes, and natural shrubbery; their webs can often be seen on tree trunks and walls. It is important for people exploring these areas to remain aware of their surroundings because the Cane Spider can move quickly and surprise unsuspecting individuals who wander too close. For anyone visiting Hawaii, understanding the characteristics of this spider is a must before venturing into environments they prefer living.

Big Centipedes


As Hawaiian islands are home to diverse wildlife, visitors must be aware that some of the creatures living on and around the islands can be potentially dangerous. Big centipedes, particularly, are bugs native to Hawaii that should not be taken lightly. Growing up to 8 inches long, these arthropods may look intimidating and possess some menacing characteristics, such as the ability to inject venom when threatened.

Fortunately, although they are scary bugs to watch out for a while in Hawaii, their venom is generally not of enough potency to cause serious harm to most people. However, if bitten by one of these pests, it is still a good idea to seek medical attention to ensure that no bad reactions occur and prevent any potential infection caused by the bite itself.

Great Golden Digger Wasps


The sight of a Great Golden Digger Wasp might be enough to make some visitors flee for safety! These formidable bugs can grow up to two inches long and are easily identified by their striking yellow, black, and white striped markings. Although these wasps don’t usually sting unless provoked, their sheer size is intimidating enough to give anyone pause.

Whenever possible, it’s best to stay far away from them, as they are pretty aggressive when defending their nests with stings that can be painful and cause swelling. Despite their risks, savvy hikers in Hawaii can enjoy outdoor adventures knowing that they might just as easily spot more docile insects, such as butterflies or grasshoppers, along the way.

Assassin Bugs


Assassin Bugs have earned their ominous name by being ambush predators; they lurk, often motionless, and then suddenly lunge to attack unsuspecting prey. In Hawaii, the species known as “Bugs of Prey” are capable of piercing human skin and delivering a potentially serious wound by injecting saliva and toxins through their specialized snout.

Thankfully, their relatively small size of 0.39–1.37 in (10–35 mm) means they are rarely a lethal threat to humans—aside from some severe allergic reactions they can cause due to toxins within their saliva, but medical attention is typically recommended should one be bitten or stung by an assassin bug. Despite this dangerous trait, they still serve an essential role in the environment as they feed on a variety of harmful insects which threaten crops and other vegetation.



Hawaii is a beautiful place for visitors and locals alike; however, those vacationing in the area should be wary of one of its native creatures. Scorpions are often found in the region, though they rarely bother people or cause harm. Still, they can be intimidating with their ability to move quickly and jump considerable distances. They also might be difficult to spot due to their coloring, which doesn’t usually stand out from the ground or surfaces on which they rest.

Making matters worse, scorpions have a powerful venom, making them dangerous if handled without caution. Even more, concerning is their venom may provoke more severe reactions in those particularly sensitive to it. For this reason, anyone spending time outdoors in Hawaii should take extra care when walking around as there may be a scorpion nearby just waiting to surprise someone who may get too close unknowingly.

Hawaiian Happy-Face Spiders


Hawaiian Happy-Face Spiders may look adorable with their happy faces on their backs, but they are far from harmless. These spiders can be found throughout Hawaii’s forests, and gardens but are most commonly found in high elevations. They have black and white coloration, and adults commonly have yellow legs.

It’s important to remember that although these spiders have a comical appearance, they should still be treated with caution if encountered outdoors in the Hawaiian Islands. If touched or disturbed, they can deliver a very painful bite, potentially resulting in local swelling and even nausea if left untreated. On top of that, they can easily hide in small dark crevices, which could make them difficult to spot when hiking through Hawaiian trails.



Established as one of the most serene travel destinations in the United States, it’s hard to think that Hawaii could be home to any bugs to beware of. However, Hawaii’s forests provide a home for many species, including Hawaiian Dobsonflies. These large winged insects are easily noticeable due to their size, with wingspans ranging from two to four inches long.

It’s always important to keep your distance from wild animals and ensure you’re not disturbing their natural habitat—even if it looks as harmless as a Hawaiian Dobsonfly! While these creatures naturally move away from humans and usually won’t cause direct harm, they can produce painful bites with their sharp mandibles. These bites can cause skin irritation and discomfort if provoked or handled carelessly.

Should You Be Worried When Exploring Hawaii?

When exploring Hawaii, it’s essential to be mindful that some creatures could cause harm. Although the chances of encountering one of these predatory bugs or dangerous spiders are slim, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out and remain vigilant. It’s also essential to research any area you’re traveling to learn more about the local wildlife so you can stay safe throughout your trip.

By doing this, you’ll be well-informed and better prepared should you come across any of these creepy crawlers while enjoying the beauty of Hawaii! By following these simple steps, you can make sure your visit to Hawaii is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible—leaving plenty of time for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Stay Safe When Exploring Hawaii!

If you ever encounter any of these creepy crawlers, it is vital to remain calm and recognize the potential danger. Always keep a safe distance from any wild animals or insects you come across to prevent any harm or discomfort. There is no need to worry when exploring Hawaii as long as you are aware and take the necessary precautions! Enjoy your trip, and stay safe!

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