Bucket List-Worthy Things to Do Near Kona


Hawaii is called the ‘Big Island’ and for good reason. Despite not being the main island (that is Oahu), it is of course, the largest island across the state, which means that you will find no shortage of things to do and see. Let us check them out.

1)     Snorkel The Kealakekua Bay

Alongside being one of Hawaii’s top snorkeling spots, this is also the place where Captain Cook initially landed when he made his way to Hawaii all the way back in the 1700s. Although you can use one of the many snorkel boats to get to the bay, we recommend using the kayak instead. Just two companies are allowed to land vessels at the monument and perform snorkeling from land (all the others simply float around or drop anchors), and the top ones depart early to get ahead of the afternoon crowds.

2)     Night Scuba With The Manta Rays

The diving experience with manta rays is one that you can only enjoy in Hawaii – no other island can brag this phenomenon. If a nightly presence on the ocean sounds tempting (and not scary) to you, you should absolutely try this out.

3)     Ride A Seahorse At The Ocean Rider Farm

Holding a seahorse is not an opportunity that you get every day, and therefore, you should make the most of the opportunity presented to you by the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. This farm has been breeding seahorses and has made tremendous advances in their quest for conservation. The fee you will pay to access their facilities will also be dedicated to conservation and research. Not only will you get the chance to observe numerous seahorse species, but at the tour conclusion, you will also be able to dip your hands into the tank and allow a seahorse to wrap itself around your finger.

4)     Visit A Coffee Plantation

The coffee of Kona is globally renowned, so you absolutely need to tour a coffee plantation. There are plenty of plantations that you can take your pick from, but we recommend going for one that has a tasting room so that you can buy coffee which you will take back with you as a souvenir. Thanks to the highly diverse climate on the Big Island, there are several different types of farms.

5)     Attend A Luau

A lot of people believe that going to a luau is a must-have Hawaiian experience; the Courtyard Marriot King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach, containing the Island Breeze Luau, is a top choice for most visitors. The fact that it is right at Kona Bay makes this Luau not only picturesque and aesthetic, but also tremendously convenient.

6)     Witness The Historic Town Of Kona

This stunning seaside town has a history that dates back over 200 years. You can visit the Hulihe’e palace (which used to be a royal vacation house), Mokuaikaua Church (the very first Hawaiian Christian Church), and enjoy a dinner under the magical sunset.

7)     Visit The First Octopus Farm In The World

If you were thinking that the seahorse farm was too good to be true, you certainly will not believe your eyes when you learn about THIS. At the Kanaluoa Octopus Farm, you can not only enhance your knowledge about these curious creatures, but also peep into the all the research being performed to boost their conservation.

8)     Hike Up To The Pololu Valley

If you can drive up all the way to the Kohala Coast as far as the road allows you, you will be rewarded in the form of a supreme scenic outlook (certainly one of the best you will find throughout the island). If you are in the mood to sweat yourself a bit (or a lot), you can always make the steep hike all the way down to the sandy black beach right at the bottom. During your drive, you can also make a stop at the pretty Hawi town and feast your eyes.

9)     Go For A Sunbath At The Hapuna Beach

Many tourists and locals rank this beach as their favorite in the Big Island. Not only is it large and unbelievably beautiful, but it is also the perfect swimming spot. Unlike most beaches, this one will also offer you a bit of shade that you can relax under. And if you are thirsty for a pint of tropical cocktail, you also have the option of turning to the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort.

10) Watch Whales

Every winter (December to April) the humpback whales make their way to the warmer Hawaiian waters for mating and giving birth, and they are certainly a sight to behold. If you happen to be in Hawaii during these months, you should certainly take some time out and go on a whale-watching expedition.


To summarize, this article barely scratched the surface regarding the enjoyable stuff there is to do in and around Kona – your next holiday spot.


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