Popular Annual Events On Big Island

Several popular annual events occur on the Big Island of Hawaii every year. These events attract people from all over the world and offer a unique opportunity to experience Hawaiian culture and history. From the Merrie Monarch Festival to the King Kamehameha Day parade and celebration, there’s always something exciting going on! So if you are thinking about planning a trip to the Big Island, here’s a list of some of the most popular annual events that you won’t want to miss!

Why The Big Island Loves Festivals

Annual Events

The Big Island of Hawaii is known for its fascinating culture, beautiful beaches, and stunning scenery. But the island’s residents know that its vibrant and diverse festival scene is what sets it apart. On any given weekend throughout the year, there are a variety of festivals that celebrate everything from sports to Hawaiian traditions. This allows islanders to unite in a unified celebration of their culture and heritage.

In addition, many of these festivals highlight and showcase local talent, giving homegrown artists a platform to reach wider audiences and shine a spotlight on their craft. Local businesses also benefit from the influx of tourists visiting for the festivities, which helps keep tourism and commerce thriving in Hawaii’s communities. The Big Island of Hawaii truly loves festivals for their ability to bring people together, amplify local cultures and support its economy – something everyone can appreciate!

Popular Annual Events On Big Island

There are many options for those looking to participate in the festivities on Hawaii’s Big Island! While it would take a while to cover everything that’s happening, here is just a list of some of the major annual events worth attending each year:

Merrie Monarch Festival

Annual Events

The Merrie Monarch Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii is an annual celebration of Hawaiian culture and hula. This vibrant event originated from a cultural renaissance in the 1960s when Hilo businessman and landowner George Naope revived the traditional art form that missionaries once outlawed. Since then, the Merrie Monarch Easter Festival has grown to become a highly regarded international event, drawing people from around the world each year to celebrate this ancient Hawaiian tradition.

Hundreds gather to participate in three days of competitive and non-competitive hula exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, and more every April. Witnessing authentic dances that bring Hawaiian history and customs to life is a unique experience you shouldn’t miss.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Annual Events

The Kona Cultural Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii is a must-see event for anyone interested in experiencing the culture and beauty of one of the most beautiful states in America. From delicious locally grown food to Kahiko performances to woodworking demonstrations, this ten-day festival will provide insight and entertainment into the history and traditions of Hawaii. This event is held yearly in the late summer and gives those who attend an intimate experience with local craftsmen and artisans.

The vendors showcase clothing, pottery, spas, jewelry, drawings, paintings, and more. Attendees also have an opportunity to see exciting musical performances, such as traditional hula dancing, or learn about Hawaiian tattoo traditions. Although part of the USA, there are few places like these islands where visitors can peek into a different culture that is miles away from their own yet so close.

Kona Brewers Fest

Annual Events

Kona Brewers Fest offers beer enthusiasts a truly unique experience. From local brewers and brewers from all over the world, the festival showcases various styles of beer while highlighting Hawaiian culture, cuisine, and entertainment. In addition, participants have the opportunity to try a variety of beers, learn about their respective brewing processes, and meet some top-notch brewers from around the globe in a tropical paradise setting.

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced beer lover, Kona Brewers Fest is the place to be for an unforgettable evening of tasting and learning about craft beer. So make sure to take advantage of this annual event that truly highlights the best of what the Big Island offers.

Big Island Chocolate Festival

Annual Events

Every year in April, the Big Island of Hawaii hosts a top-rated event – the Big Island Chocolate Festival! This festival celebrates the plentiful cacao and chocolate products grown in and around the island paradise. Various activities occur during this event, from lectures from industry experts to tasting parties where you can sample unique chocolates.

Not just for adults, children also get to partake in chocolate-making classes and learn about the process of cultivating and transforming cacao into steamy, delicious treats. This is a perfect opportunity for those with a sweet tooth to come together, share their passion, and discover new flavors!

King Kamehameha Day Celebration

Annual Events

King Kamehameha Day is celebrated on June 11th as a holiday honoring King Kamehameha I, the king who unified the Hawaiian Islands in the late 1700s. Hundreds of people flock to participate in diverse activities and programs dedicated to recognizing this historic event every year in Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. As part of the celebration, participants can enjoy hula performances from some of Hawaii’s finest dancers and partake in traditional Hawaiian arts & crafts exhibits, competitions, and games.

Music performances, language demonstrations, and lectures all add to the festivities that honor King Kamehameha and help keep his legacy alive by learning more about Hawaiian culture. In addition, with parades being held across islands, everyone can join and celebrate this important figure in Hawaiian history. With festivities fit for royalty, King Kamehameha Day is an event that unites families while they rejoice and remember a great leader of their nation.

Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival

Annual Events

The Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival in Hawaii is an event you should not miss. It celebrates the cultural history of Japan and its impact on Hawaii. With over 25,000 cherry blossom trees along the Big Island’s coast, the pink and white blooms transform into an explosion of springtime beauty. During the festival, visitors will experience traditional Japanese storytelling, taiko drumming performances, origami, calligraphy demonstrations, and a variety of traditional and modern Hawaiian cuisine.

This occasion also provides guests with a chance to explore Japanese traditions and appreciate their influence on culture in the US. Every year the celebration is spectacular and engaging for all involved, making it a must-visit experience!

Plan Your Trip To One Of The Annual Events On The Big Island!

Whether you’re looking for a fun and educational event to attend or want to experience the beauty of Hawaii’s diverse culture, there is something for everyone at the many annual events on the Big Island. Regardless of your choice, each event is a unique opportunity to experience the best of what this tropical paradise offers. So make sure to take advantage of all the fun! Start planning your trip around one of these incredible annual events on the Big Island!

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