Aerial Activities To Do In Hawaii

Hawaii is full of life-changing experiences, not the least of which is the array of aerial activities and adventures the island offers. Whether you’re looking to explore the natural beauty of the islands or participate in wilder pursuits, there is sure to be something that will make you heart-racing and feel alive. So if you want to learn more about what’s available in terms of aerial activities, here are some of the best ones you can do in Hawaii.

How To Prepare Yourself For An Aerial Activity

Aerial Activities

Preparing yourself for an aerial activity can be rewarding and exciting. Before partaking in a daring activity, it’s important to assess the potential risks and prepare accordingly. Begin by researching the activity to familiarize yourself with all safety precautions. You should also familiarize yourself with all the equipment that will be used and any signals or hand signs that will be necessary during your aerial experience.

Additionally, it is best to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity. Properly fitting shoes with good grip and comfortable yet warm clothes are essential to protect you from any weather or environmental changes.

Aerial Activities To Do In Hawaii

While the preparation is important, it is finally time to get out and experience one of the many aerial activities available in Hawaii. Here is a look at some of the amazing adventures that await you on the island:


Aerial Activities

Ziplining in Hawaii is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have on the islands. With many zipline vendors offering different packages, it’s easy to enjoy a fast-paced canopy tour, no matter your budget or experience level. Taking a ride through lush forests and incredible views of mountains, ocean and foliage are sure to create unforgettable memories.

Soar through the air surrounded by nature with a knowledgeable guide giving insider information about the area’s ecology and culture. Hawaii’s beautiful landscape is best seen from a zipline tour and creates an unforgettable adventure!


Aerial Activities

Hawaii is a beautiful destination, so it’s not surprising that parasailing has become an increasingly popular activity among tourists who visit its islands. By harnessing the natural power of the wind, brave thrill-seekers can soar over turquoise waters and lush landscapes that provide breathtaking views of everything from volcanoes and beaches to reefs and spectacular sunsets.

With experienced staff and excellent safety records, parasailing operators make every effort to ensure that your time flying high in some of the most gorgeous parts of Hawaii remains an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Share the sky with sea birds and create memories you’ll never forget – parasailing in Hawaii is something special.

Helicopter Tours

Aerial Activities

A helicopter tour in Hawaii is a truly unique experience, offering unparalleled views conjuring up a kaleidoscope of visuals: lush jungles, rugged mountains, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear oceans. It’s no surprise that many visitors flock to the Aloha State for its one-of-a-kind opportunity to view its breathtakingly beautiful landscape from above.

Often referred to as “doors off” tours by local tour operators, these active adventures offer intrepid adventurers the chance to feel at one with the land and sea below them. With the wind rustling their hair, the serene silence found thousands of feet above; helicopter tours are certainly one of Hawaii’s greatest attractions.


Aerial Activities

Skydiving is an extreme sport that requires courage and faith in training. Diving from over 10,000 feet in the air, you can experience almost pure silence as soon as you exit the plane. Hawaii is one of the most popular places to skydive because of its tropical atmosphere and breathtaking views.

Feel the rush of free fall as you plummet towards earth, taking in stunning panoramas of Mauna Loa, Waialae Bay, and Waimea Canyon, followed by a smooth canopy ride before you touch down on land again. Skydiving in Hawaii can be a life-changing experience that will remain with you forever!


Aerial Activities

Hawaii has some of the world’s most incredible and spectacular sights, and paragliding offers an opportunity to take it all in from a whole new perspective. Floating through the skies with the wind beneath your wingtips is exhilarating. With a skilled pilot, you can soar above white sandy beaches, waterfalls, cliffside, and stunning tropical forests, stopping whenever you want to take in the sensational views.

Paragliding allows you to slowly make your way up along thermals and currents, giving you time to enjoy the magnificence around you. Plus, you might even land atop some of Hawaii’s most spectacular beaches, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. So leave your boardshorts at home and embrace this unique journey instead!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Aerial Activities

Hot air balloon rides are becoming increasingly popular in Hawaii as visitors and locals search for the ultimate way to experience the islands from a unique perspective. Floating high in the sky, riding in a hot air balloon gives you an eagle-eye view of spectacular landscapes. You might even catch wild dolphins playing in the waves, sea turtles bobbing along, or huge whales blowing spouts of water into the air if you’re lucky.

For a truly remarkable time, nothing beats hot air ballooning over Hawaii. Not only will you be surrounded by stunning scenery and magical moments, but you’ll also be creating memories that last long after your trip ends.

Bungee Jumping

Aerial Activities

Bungee jumping is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and experience an adrenaline-filled adventure. Many people have hesitations when it comes to intense outdoor activities. Still, bungee jumping offers an incredible opportunity to take that leap and feel a unique sense of accomplishment in a beautiful setting.

While most sites for bungee jumping are located offshore, there are many mainland options for those on the islands that offer stunning backdrops with gorgeous views of nearby beaches. As you trust in the safety equipment and jump from the edge, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled freedom and excitement as you soar above Hawaii’s majestic landscape.

Rock Climbing

Aerial Activities

With its immense landscapes, majestic mountains, and epic coastal cliffs, Hawaii is a rock climber’s paradise. From the verdant pinnacles of Waimea to the unforgettable views from Mauna Loa’s lava pillars, there are countless opportunities for climbers of all skill levels to put their skills to the test. For more experienced climbers, several challenging walls like Diamond Head and Kaena Point offer endless vertical thrills.

No matter where you go in Hawaii, you will surely be rewarded with remarkable vistas for your effort! Rock climbing is a fantastic way to stay active while also exploring one of the most beautiful states in the union!

There Is An Endless Amount Of Aerial Activities To Do In Hawaii!

Hawaii has a world of aerial activities, from skydiving and paragliding to hot air balloon rides and bungee jumping. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or want to take in the beauty of the islands, there’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise. So put on your boots, grab your gear, and prepare for some of the most breathtaking experiences you’ll ever have! With a little courage and a lot of fun, these unforgettable aerial activities will stay with you forever!

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