Tourism Trends on Big Island

Cruises are increasing in both size and frequency on their visits to Big Island.   Recently, larger ships are starting to come to the island.  In addition to this, more frequent visits by ships are bringing in extra visitor dollars to Hawaii Islands’s economy. This comes after all-time low in tourism that was experienced during the last eruption of Kilauea volcano in 2018.

Typically, a cruise boat will bring in about 2,500 passengers to Kona.  This year, larger cruise boats will bring in upwards of 4,000 passengers.  This huge increase in tourist traffic brings in a lot of additional revenue for the local businesses and tour companies.  Many tour activities will completely sell out.

There are many contributing factors that would help to explain the increase in cruise traffic.  The Big Island is much larger and has less population than Oahu and Maui.  Since the end of the Kilauea eruption, there is no volcanic fog visible  and the air quality is the best it has ever been.

With cruises coming into Kona several days a week, it has been huge for the tourism industry on Hawaii. With the number of ships trying to reserve space and time in Kona, expect that adjustments will have to be made to accommodate and allocate resources

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