Top Shave Ice & Acai Bowls In Hawaii


It just doesn’t make sense that you are in Hawaii and are not eating shaved ice. Due to the weather conditions in Hawaii being warm, there is rarely an inappropriate hour for a cup, bowl, or shaved ice cone. Due to this fact, there are many shops present at every place in Hawaii, but because they appear a dime-a-dozen does not mean every place with shaved ice is good.

For the locals of Hawaii, shaved ice is a year-round affair. Shaved ice is a treat for all, kids to adults. No one can resist a bowl of shave ice on a warm day.

In simple words, shaved ice is fantastic. Here are some top picks.


Matsumoto Shave  ice

Matsumoto is the most famous place for getting shaved ice in Hawaii. It might just be the most popular shaved ice shop in all of Hawaii. Matsumoto is a family shop that has been running for generations. Matsumoto is located in the historic town of Haleiwa and is responsible for the best bowl in all of Hawaii. This shaved ice shop has been around for more than half a century and is about to complete its 70 years in business. Now, this shop may be old, but there are not many who can compete with it when it comes to shaved ice. They boast the most extensive syrup options, including classic mango, strawberry, rainbow, and more. This is the best place for beachgoers to beat the heat. 

In case you have the chance of cruising through the north shore, do check out this local hotspot — keep a lookout for a long line of swimwear clad people.


Ululani’s Hawaiian shave ice

It is hard to miss Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved ice shop in Hawaii, with more than five shaved ice stands and shops. Ululani’s has a variety of local flavors on its menu, like Lahaina ( pineapple, coconut, banana), No Ka Oi (mango, lilikoi, and coconut), and Kannapali (grape, lychee, cherry), to name a few. But the most loved option of all is the epic Haleakala, a combination of gourmet, fresh coconut, lychee, and condensed milk. 

Big Island

Original big island shave ice 

The most significant pride factor for this island of Hawaii is its all-natural syrups and toppings. This shop may be new to the market but has been around the island since 1957; this is when the current owner’s mother started her own small shave ice stand. The old way is the best. This shop offers many classics like the rainbow and single flavor creations and added several new and modern flavors like matcha tea, pickled mango, and green tea. 



This shop opened up in 1992 and has been a crowd favorite ever since. It has also expanded to other Hanalei locations to bless people with its exquisite flavors and homemade “secret” cream topping.  There are more than 60 flavors to ponder over in Waimea. 

Also, if one of your fellow mates or family members is not crazy about having shaved ice ( which is a total crime ), JoJo’salso offers a variety of milkshakes. 


If you are looking to cool off with a sweet treat on a hot Hawaii day, you have to check out some of these shaved ice shops. All of them are locally owned and have mostly been a family business for generations, so you can feel good about helping out small local businesses.


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  1. Claudette Cranor

    Shave ice is about the first thing we must do every time we arrive in Maui. We didn’t get to go this past year, but this article made me so homesick for our favorite vacation. Counting the days until things return to normal and we can return yo Hawaii!

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