Best Place(s) and Time to Shop During This Pandemic


The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be more mindful of every aspect of our lives. Even if you are committed to social distancing, you still need to make an occasional trip to the grocery store to restock your food supply. You can greatly minimize your risk of exposure by shopping at the right times and taking other precautionary methods. In this article, we’ll explore the best times, places, and ways to shop during this pandemic.

When and Where to Shop During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even though our government has urged us to practice social distancing, many critical businesses are still open. This is because life goes on, and there are many aspects of life that require our attention. Groceries, medicines, and critical home supplies all have to remain available for our use. In addition to washing your hands and wearing protective gear like gloves and masks, scheduling your shopping time for non-peak hours can help limit your risk of exposure. Here are some things to consider.

Call and Ask About A Delivery Option

Many businesses have implemented delivery options to help reduce the risk of social contact. In many areas, delivery programs have already been installed to help the elderly or infirm. Pharmacies already require you to call in to refill a prescription, so you can inquire about delivery services then. Whether you are having groceries, medicines, or home supplies delivered, keep in mind that the Coronavirus can live on select surfaces for hours or even days. Wiping down your deliveries with a disinfectant wipe is a prudent means of protecting yourself.

Ask About Senior Shopping Hours

Many stores are implementing special times when stores are only open to high-risk individuals. This allows them to get their shopping done with minimal exposure to the general public. Various grocery stores and pharmacies have implemented this practice and are likely to announce their policies on their social media or business web pages. Early shopping is a great option for staying safe.

Shop Early When Possible

When shopping, maintain a safe distance from other shoppers and also be mindful of contaminated products. Most stores are disinfecting their inventory at closing time, so early after opening is the best time to shop. Although comparatively more people are off work than normal, most stores still experience lower foot traffic during regular business hours. Shopping before noon allows you to get your shopping done with the least possible product contamination and the lowest consolidation of fellow shoppers.

Shop Smart and Be Safe

In times of adversity, our nation has always demonstrated an admirable resilience and willingness to rally together. Take comfort in the fact that you are not the only person who feels stress because of the pandemic. Reach out via telephone, email, or social media and find out what special accommodations local businesses can make for you. With everyone practicing social distancing, people are very happy to answer the phone and provide you with assistance. For more smart tactics for navigating the Coronavirus pandemic, check out Kona Directory.

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