5 Local Markets to Visit in Kona

A man in Hawaii handing out a fresh coconut with a straw in it

Anywhere you go around the world, you can find the same shopping malls with the same branded stores and high street shopping. Hawaii and the Kona region, specifically, have a very small local population and so you won’t find these stores when you’re looking around to shop. Instead, you will find a wonderful world of local shops with cultural trinkets and local art and food. Here are some great marketplaces to visit in the Kona region:

1. Ali’i Gardens Marketplace

Shop with Over 20 Vendors in a relaxing garden outdoor setting

This open air market is located just south of Kailua Pier. It is a public market that is huge and full of locally made ornaments and decorations and even jewelry. You can take home a wooden carving to place on your wall or a small memento for a friend. While at the market, be sure to try the world-famous Kona coffee. 


2. Kona Farmers Market

40+ outdoor vendors of locally grown produce, flowers, handicrafts & specialties like Kona coffee

Hawaii is home to some of the most interesting and unique local ingredients that they use to make their delicious cuisine. All the produce and flowers sold at this market are locally grown and will give you the chance to take the taste of Hawaii home with you. What better way to shop for produce than on foot by the beach? 


3. Kona Coast Shopping Center

Kona Coast Shopping Center offers an unbeatable variety of department stores, specialty shops and restaurants.


Close to the Kona Airport, you can find this shopping center to pick up all your essentials before you head to your hotel or place of stay. You can get clothes, shoes, electronics and any other basic necessities you might require on your trip. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at one of the local eateries at the shopping center. 


4. Volcano Art Center

The Volcano Art Center in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and in Volcano Village hosts a gallery and organizes activities, workshops and cultural events

The locals of the island are trying to preserve and promote their local art and one of their ways to do it is through this Art Center. The art center holds monthly art exhibitions with local art of all kinds from sculptures to paintings and even masks – anything and everything that promotes the Hawaiian history of art and culture. 


5. Kona International Market

Indoor/outdoor shopping with boutiques, crafts, an international food court & entertainment

Yes, we know we are talking about local markets here, but the Kona International Market has many shops that sell exceptional local jewelry and crafts that you could buy for yourself or even as gifts. Alongside the locally-made products, you can find Asian stalls and other unique boutiques from around the world. Try all kinds of food from their extensive selection of international cuisines. 

When in Hawaii, shop locally. You will be able to find anything else you are looking for in a shop close to home. These locally-made products and trinkets will only be found in these parts, so don’t miss the chance to shop for a souvenir that you could take back with you to remember your time on the Big Island.

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