2021 Kona’s Best Beaches

The Kona coast is the central portion of the Big Island coast in Hawaii. Here, there are a number of gorgeous beaches all very different to each other. These beaches are popular among tourists and have become hotspots over the years. While some may have big waves and strong currents, some are calm and suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Depending on your interests, you can pick a beach that excites you the most or simply beach hop exploring all of them. To make it easier for you, we made a list of 2021 Kona’s best beaches.

1. Magic Sands Beach

This beach is just as promising as it sounds, it is pure magic! If you’re wondering where it got its name from, this is because the sand on this beach is known to magically disappear when the surf gets explosive and only lava rocks remain beneath. This gorgeous beach is great if you want to swim, snorkel, body board or scuba dive. There are lifeguards present, so it’s completely safe for you unless the conditions aren’t suitable. What also makes this beach more special is the beach shack that has a variety of yummy gourmet options that you can devour after a swim!

2. Kahalu’u Beach Park

A top tourist destination, Kahalu’u Beach Park is one of the most popular ones on Big Island famous for its snorkeling. This is because of the gorgeous sea life in the water present here. From vibrant tropical fish to stunning coral reefs, sea urchins, octopus and sea turtles, it’s got it all! The water here is normally calm and, therefore, even safe for kids to snorkel in. You can see them if you’re in shallow waters too, so you don’t have to worry about your kids going too deep in! This beach is super close to town where you can go to grab a bite once you’re done with your beaching.

3. Papakolea Beach

Unlike the other beaches, this one is not suitable for swimming. It’s known for its rough waves and crazy currents that are super unpredictable. This beach has one-of-a-kind geology is what makes it all the more alluring. To add to that, the sand on this beach is olive green due to a volcanic eruption many years ago that led to deposits by a green-colored crystal. That is why it’s also commonly referred to as ‘Green Sand Beach. This beach is not accessible to everyone, only experienced hikers will be able to make their way down here but it’s totally worth it!

4. Kamakahonu Beach

If you are visiting with your family or kids, then this beach is the perfect choice for you! The water at this beach is super calm as it’s within a cove. To add to that, the sand on this beach is also super soft and child-friendly. Here, you can rent kayaks and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. There’s a restaurant located right at the beach in case you get hungry and there are several other options just two minutes away.

5. Makalawena Beach

Currently rated as number 1 beach on Big Island, this beach is truly mesmerizing. In order to get to it, you have to walk about twenty minutes through lava but the path leads to heaven, quite literally. It is a private white sand beach with palm trees and picnic tables, it’s truly a vibe! You can enjoy some me-time on this secluded and stunning beach while sipping some margaritas!

6. Spencer Beach

Another beach with calm water that is perfect for a chilled out day is Spencer Beach. It is situated on the Northwestern shore of the Big Island. Because of its calm water, it’s popular with families. Filled with shady trees and cute picnic tables, it’s a great spot to get some time with your family or friends. To add to that, the sand here is also soft so that’s an added advantage.

7. Waialea Beach

This one is a top favorite and is located on Waialea Bay. It is among the busiest beaches on Big Island and is especially buzzing in the summer. It too, is safe for families and for swimming because it has a kind of slope to its nearby reefs, which will protect the water from getting too rough and guarding you against the strong currents of the open sea. To make it even better, this beach has got some of the top marine life in the area and that is why it’s a top spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. When the sea is too rough for swimming or snorkeling you can make the most of its crazy waves by surfing, making it an excellent choice all year round!

8. Honl’s Beach

This stunning beach is known for its massive waves and strong currents and this is why it’s a top favorite for surfers. Unfortunately, you cannot swim at this beach but you can sit and enjoy watching the amazing waves. The shoreline at this beach is slightly rocky so you have to be careful of that and wear the right kind of shoes. This beach is more like a private one since there are no public facilities or lifeguards so you can have your own private picnic!

9. Anaeho’omalu Beach

If you’re in the mood to relax, then this beach is the one for you. Since it’s located on a bay it has plenty of room to spread out on its expansive white sand. Here you can spend the day people watching or participating in activities like kayaking, boogie boarding or going for a boat ride. It is a great option if you’re on your own and looking to spend some time with yourself on the beach!


Each of these 9 beaches is such a vibe and in the top 2021 Kona’s best beaches list. You can unwind at any of these beaches and explore a variety of gorgeous marine life. Happy beaching!

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